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Agencies hosting a seminar are responsible for:

Advertising the seminar to area agencies
Providing a suitable training location
Providing classroom technical support
Providing a liaison officer

Seminars are offered by charging a modest registration fee to cover instructor fees, duplication costs, travel, lodging and subsistence expenses (less than $100 per officer if at least 30 officers attending) unless the hosting agency has training funds available from another source.

A hosting agency will be required to advertise and promote the seminar to other agencies in the area (or provide us with a list), provide a suitable training location, and assign a liaison officer to work with the us throughout the process. 

Our personnel and seminar attendees appreciate it tremendously when our hosts make arrangements for light refreshments (coffee, water, snacks) to be available throughout the day.

PoliceFunerals.com will:

Provide agencies with pdfs of a professionally-designed advertising flyer to print out or email to promote the seminar.

Manage registration and supply weekly updates on number of registrants

Provide all handout materials and the instructional team

Provide a post-seminar summary of the course evaluations.

Provide certificates of completion for attendees (if seminar is not held in conjunction with an educational entity such as a training academy or local college.)

Hosting agencies may charge a fee to subsidize agency expenses for refreshments etc. but this is at the discretion of the hosting agency.

Registration due dates will be 10-days prior to the presentation. Handout duplication and ordering of materials mandates a 10-day preparation period.

Late registrations and walk-ins may be accommodated if seating is available. However, late-comers may only receive the Note-Taking Outline as handout material.