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What Officers Say About Our Seminars

Seminar attendees are routinely asked what they liked about the full-day seminar. Here are some responses:

"The care focused toward the family and emphasis on that care."

"Very comprehensive, good examples, impressive time management for the amount of material covered."

"The fact the presenter has "been there and done that" not just theory, but practice."

"Information that we as a department are on the right track and just need to make some minor improvements."

"Outline and very useful resources. The thumb drive is a very welcomed tool."

"The course covered all aspects of a LOD death and more."

"The entire class was very informative. Excellent resources and information."

"Practical aspects of planning who would be in charge of planning for agency etc. and what all needs to be planned."

"John is very passionate and shows through instructions."

"Steps outlined in funeral planning process."

"Honor Guard portions."

"Media used in presentation. Resources and links referenced in handout and presentation."

"Just learning about police funerals. Awesome!"

"I enjoyed the information on the process of being a good funeral coordinator. Good on information including the things that are not normally thought about."

"The level of caring from John Cooley makes a tough subject matter into a really interesting class. Great job!"

"That now I know what to do and how."

"I liked your personal experiences and stories."

"The caring approach.

"Explaining all that has to take place in planning a police funeral. Explaining what needs to be put in place so that the funeral goes as smooth as possible."

"It was all informational and a great class. You mentioned things that I would had no idea about or what to do. This class helps a lot."

"The list of resources provided."

"The whole experience was wonderful, interesting, and knowledgeable. I loved the stories. It gave me a great insight into how police funerals work."

"First ten minutes on differences and decision-making between LOD funeral and police funeral. Providing suggestions on how to appropriately intervene when others are making insensitive remarks. Mourning material list. Suggestions how to help the family. a lot of time spent on "assisting" grieving process. Good vignettes about leadership and supervisors tending to emotional welfare of employees. Great focus on the family and memory of deceased. Good break down of Honors Ceremony. Great probing questions about policy."

"Information and handouts."

"Learning unknown resources."

"The breakdown of strategic planning team."

"The great information provided. Thank you very much."

"Whole class day was informative."

"The emphasis on "If not you, who?" The emphasis on having the best for our employees."

"The clarity of each function for each component."